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Simple Edge Function

A basic "Hello World" example.

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curl -i https://edgio-community-examples-v7-edge-functions-live.edgio.link/example/hello-world

Header Manipulation

Manipulate headers in your response.

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curl -i https://edgio-community-examples-v7-edge-functions-live.edgio.link/example/change-headers.json

JSON Response Generation

Generate dynamic JSON responses.

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curl -i https://edgio-community-examples-v7-edge-functions-live.edgio.link/example/generate.json

Content Stitching

Combine content with HTML injections.

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curl -i https://edgio-community-examples-v7-edge-functions-live.edgio.link/example/content-stitching

Redirect Examples

Simulate redirect scenarios.

Database Examples

Explore database interactions using different databases.


Examples demonstrating caching for different request types. Observe unique caching for GET and POST w/ body requests.

Request Signing

Request signing and verification using crypto-js. Generated URLs are valid for 60 seconds.

Generate Signed URL

Edge Functions Documentation | View the demo code on GitHub

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